Beagle Owners Set Up Hidden Camera In Home, Then Discover He Is A Greedy Food Thief

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Owners Set Up Hidden Camera In Home, Then Discover Their Beagle Is A Greedy Food Thief

When all the cat food kept disappearing every day, leaving this family’s beloved feline hungry, they decided to investigate what was going on in their own home.

The owners set up a hidden camera to keep a close eye on their pets and figure out what was happening when they left the house every day. When they played back the footage, they made quite the discovery.

In the video below the camera faces a door in the house with a small hole cut out for their cat to use. Suddenly, an unexpected visitor squeezes through the tiny entrance right in front of the lens.

A beagle named Buddha sticks his head through the hole in the door and soon, his whole body glides into the next room.

The greedy beagle approaches a plate of cat food and begins eating it on his own, even though it isn’t meant for him at all. He goes as far as to lick the plate clean, leaving no food for the family cat whatsoever.

With his belly full of food, he struggles squeezing back through the hole, but manages.

Although the beagle is a sneaky eater, he doesn’t quite get the last laugh. When Buddha eats his own food, the cat starts poking at his meal right in front of the camera.


Beagles, the 5th most popular dog breed in America, are adored for their curious and friendly personalities, and their love of companionship and adventure. Beagles actually date back to the 1300s and were originally used for trailing rabbits in England.

As scenthounds, Beagles love to follow a trail. They’ve got about 220 million scent receptors in their noses, compared to about 5 million in humans, so it’s no wonder that they’re even used by law enforcement for contraband detection.

Beagles have a small to medium build, but don’t let their size fool you. These compact dogs are hardy and love to be active, although they have an independent (some might say stubborn) streak that requires a patient and persistent owner.

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