They Laughed When Beagle Sat Down At The Piano, But Then He Started To Play

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They Laughed When Beagle Sat Down At The Piano, But Then He Started To Play

When a beagle named Buddy Mercury was rescued from a terrible living situation, he was brought to an organization that helped clean him up and put him on the fast-track to a better life. Over the weeks, a loving forever family adopted him. Now he gets to enjoy life with them at their home.

Soon after arriving to the new home, Buddy Mercury learned his hidden talent. He was an amazing piano player. Without having a music lesson in his entire life, the dog went right over to the piano and began to play.

They laughed when this dog sat down at the piano, and when he started to play…they laughed even harder and took out their cameras to record the viral moment. Check it out below!

Watch the video to see Buddy Mercury perched on the edge of the piano stepping on the keys. As he plays a few notes, he beings to howl loudly along. In the video, you see him wagging his tail along to the bluesy music.

When the howl draws to a close, he puts his paw back down on the piano’s keyboard and hits another note. He instantly returns to his howl.

Since the video was uploaded online, Buddy Mercury has been praised for his innate sense of “rhythm.” His owners say he is just singing about the “horrors of life.”

Meanwhile, the internet can’t get enough of this talented beagle. They’re impressed with the “bluesy call-response feel” of the tune he is hammering out on the piano.

Buddy Mercury’s owners, who live in the US, say the dog “loves to play piano.” It’s such a passion of his, they say: “Buddy has captured the hearts of many music fans around the world in a short time. Thank you for all the love and kind words! Buddy loves entertaining his family and fans!”

When the video first hit YouTube earlier this year, it quickly accumulated lots of views. Now it has been viewed more than 380,000 times.

Hundreds have shared comments about the video. Here are a few adamant fans of Buddy Mercury.

“You can hear the emotion in his voice. Such a touching performance. Bravo!” shared Ninan Tan.

Commenter yertle_ 817 said: “You can really feel the sadness the beagle is trying to emulate. Really pulls at my heart strings. I hope he’s found happiness these days.”

“Still more talent than the kardashians lol!” added Eduardo Alvarado.

Floppybunny26 added “I love his little tail wagging” while MikeHenry commented: “Where can I buy his album?”

“Please make sure he is safe … being a rock star and all… just saying…”

Laurie L2 said: “We love you, Buddy! Keep playing and being a happy little pup! You bring such joy into our lives!”

“He is howling because he knows his owner is filming vertically,” shared Vladmir Poot.

“Amazing..thanks for sharing!!   I had a beagle that looked exactly like him…same markings….miss him a lot….but this made me smile…thanks…” wrote another viewer.

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