Camera Catches Polar Bear Flopping Belly First Into The Water

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Camera Catches Polar Bear Flopping Belly First Into The Water

During the winter, many people take the “Polar Bear Plunge” to raise money for charity.

They all run into freezing cold water, typically they aren’t wear too much clothing. While humans around the world do this, one polar bear took the plunge all on her one.

At the Oregon Zoo, Nora is a 1-year-old polar bear that came to the Oregon Zoo from the Columbus Zoo.

Zookeepers must have been very happy to see this young girl having some fun, as the beginning of her life was a bit sad. Nora’s mother stopped caring for her after she was 1-week-old, and zookeepers at the Columbus Zoo had to hand-rear her.

She then was brought to the Oregon Zoo, where she was caught on camera having the time of her life around her pool. She dove, swam, and played with her toy, having an absolute blast in the water!

Zoo visitors adore this sweet girl and after watching her play so happily, it’s easy to see why! Have you ever seen a polar bear having so much fun at the zoo?


If you thought this was too cute, you’ll also love this video of a polar bear playing play hide-and-seek with a visitor at the zoo!

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It might come as a surprise that polar bears rarely drink water. You’ve probably heard the joke that at the North Pole you need a refrigerator to keep your water from freezing, right? So what do polar bears do for water? They spend most of their life at sea, on drifting ice packs or on the shores of the Arctic. Either way, most of the fresh water around them is frozen. So what do they eat?

You might be thinking they feast on snow. Eating snow to obtain water is metabolically expensive–it would take too much energy to melt down enough snow. Consequently, polar bears have evolved so that they don’t need to drink free water. Polar bears get their water from the chemical reaction that breaks down fat. This is why a polar bear’s diet is high in fat but low in protein. For example, when they hunt seals, polar bears will eat the blubber, but leave the rest behind for scavengers.

You need water in order to be able to urinate and flush out the poisonous by products that result from breaking all that protein down, so if you’re conserving water, you don’t want to eat a lot of it. This isn’t the only way polar bears conserve water. For one thing, their kidneys are very efficient at removing salts from their blood plasma and concentrating their urine. Plus, living in a cold climate means polar bears don’t need to sweat as much. And finally, females hibernate in dens, where it isn’t as cold, and this reduces the metabolic costs of pregnancy.

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