Puppy Finds Cat Stole His Bed, His Method To Get It Back Is Hilarious

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Puppy Finds Cat Stole His Bed, His Method To Get It Back Is Hilarious

If you can name a cuter breed of dog than the French Bulldog, we want to know! Seriously, these little pooches have so much character and energy that it is truly amazing that they do not have their own television shows.

We just found a hilarious video of one particular Frenchie named Pixel, who has a bone to pick with the family cat. You are absolutely going to freak out when you watch this video clip.

Pixel’s owner, who goes by the screen name ‘piotrbuchalik,’ says that that the little guy always drags his bed to the corner of one particular room where he prefers to sleep. Amazingly, this pup is only ten weeks old.

This video has gone super viral on YouTube where it has been watched more than one and a half million times. Little Pixel seems to be an international internet celebrity, and he isn’t even house trained yet!

People have been taking to social media and websites to share their thoughts on Pixel, and spread their doggy love, in general, saying things like:

“And the puppy wins!! Yay!”- DebDeb

“Cat: they have to walk you eventually.”- King Boston

“As an alpha male I can relate to this pooch as I have been in this exact situation many time. My 6 cats were always testing me and try to steal my bed. When this first started I took the role of a lion and would arch my back while roaring at them. Now then have learned. I still do roar through the day to make sure they don’t forget that I’m the alpha male.”- Lord Zachary Fappington

“That expression we see at the end of the video is the cat thinking, “I just tooted in the bed and the doggy is lying in it . . . I win!”- Missy Wink

“The ending is priceless! You go, little Pixel! Perseverance pays off! Never give up! “- FromCrowntoKingdom

“Pixel is a smart lil doggie the way he did that bed then got in it. Does the cat have his are her own bed?”- Sharmeta

“this beats most soap operas.”- Pinky Dino

“They have laser beam eyes!!! Just like in my nightmare.”- Matty Matt Matt

“Its soo cute how Pixel pushes the bed back onto the wall before hopping into it.”- XDarkness22X

“One small step for puppy kind – Victory”- JahAmericanNY

“it was the cat’s image in the mirror that psyched out the cat. lol dog was just lucky. I thought he would have used his laser eyes to win against the cat.”-Kaneda Jones

“I think I have a new nomination for CUTE video! The frenchie is so damn cute I could just squeeze him and love on em and give him big sloppy kisses!”- Lennox1492

“It’s about time. Pixel struggled with this mass of guitar strings for their bed. The Pet’s Owner is a Toad for letting the struggle ensue.”- Desoto 875

“Ahhhhhh it’s so CUTE!!! Now I’m missing my own bulldog..I hope his happy right now in another world.”- Laney Lai

“Is it just me or did the puppy mean pull the cat towards the mirror to freak it out?”- Anon.

“Now that’s some Puppy Power!”- 2Emeraldeyez

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