Dog Who Was Rescued From Abuse, Meets Baby For First Time. Best Friends Are Instantly Born

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Dog Who Was Rescued From Abuse, Meets Baby For First Time. Best Friends Are Instantly Born

 Before being adopted into her current family, Weezy has lived a horrific life. She is a rescue dog that has been terrified of everything. It’s unclear what horrors she was forced to endure before she became part of Sarah Mavro’s rescue family, but the when the family adopted the tiny Italian greyhound three years ago, they were willing to show her all the love they could.

Nevertheless, the petrified pooch could not shake its nerves. Although Sarah and her family never threatened the small dog, it’s previous experience with humans had been so painful, Weezy seemed scarred for life.

At least she was, until Sarah brought her newborn baby home from the hospital. And it seemed like the baby boy Evan might hold the secret key into Weezy’s damaged heart. As you’ll see in the video below, the moment the two connect was years in the making…

Sarah Mavro said that when they first adopted Weezy, a sound of a fly would startle her. Petting her or holding her was out of the question.

“She is … odd,” Mavro said to The Dodo. “We adore her, and she fits in with our odd family.”

But things began to change when Sarah got pregnant. And when she came back from the hospital with a surprise, Weezy’s life changed forever…

In the video below, you’ll witness the moment when Weezy gets to meet his new brother. When Sarah took her newborn home from the hospital, she placed the sleeping baby down in the center of the living room, while he was still in his car seat, and allowed Weezy to take his time getting to know the baby.

At first, Weezy is afraid of the tiny human. But as the baby begins to grow, Weezy started to open up to him. Eventually, he was comfortable enough to allow Evan to touch him.

“She is still timid, especially with strangers, and very quiet,” Mavro tells The Dodo. “Literally, a dying fly once kicked her out of her own cage.”

Besides her emotional damage, Weezy also had decayed teeth when Sarah and her family adopted her. To improve her health, all but two of her teeth were removed. Now, her tongue hangs helplessly out of the side of her mouth.

When the newborn baby joined the family, Weezy’s life started changing – for the better. Besides their first meeting, Weezy no longer acts nervous around the baby. She even lets him cuddle and touch her as much as he wants. For Sarah, this is a dream come true.

“He is seven months old now and she loves him even more than she loves us I think,” Mavro says. “She will climb right up beside him and let him get all over her.”

Now she has opened up to other members of the family, too.

“She loves to cuddle under the blanket with us, and has a nightly ritual of watching my husband play video games in the basement by the fireplace,” she adds.

Watch the adorable video clip below!

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