Dog’s Reaction To Stimulating Music Has Entire Room In Stitches

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Dog’s Reaction To Stimulating Music Has Entire Room In Stitches

Look out, because here comes our daily declaration of doggy love. As you all well know, around here we are the biggest fans of dogs, no matter what they do.
And to feed our need for dog related fun, we just found a hilarious video of a dog trying to sing along with what can only be described as some sort of Indian sitar music. In this short clip, the dog keeps howling as the stimulating music is played on his person’s smartphone. You are going to adore this lovable and talented mutt when you watch him sing.

So what is the deal with this video? Is the dog actually enjoying the music or trying to participate? Or is the dog simply rattled by annoying sounds?

Well, as it turns out, quite a bit of research has been done to investigate music and dogs. Depending on how you think of dogs, you may or may not be surprised to find out what that research has discovered.

Deborah Wells, a psychologist at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland has shown that dogs can easily discern music of different genres.

She says “Our own research has shown that dogs certainly behave differently in response to different types of music, e.g., showing behaviors more suggestive of relaxation in response to classical music and behaviors more suggestive of agitation in response to heavy metal music.”

Dr. Wells conducted her study in 2002, which exposed dogs to various different types of music, including classical and heavy metal, or a control “no sound” environment.

Her report stated that “Classical music resulted in dogs spending more of their time resting than any of the other experimental conditions of auditory stimulation. This type of music also resulted in a significantly lower level of barking. Research suggests that calming music may have a beneficial effect on humans, resulting in diminished agitation, improved mood and lower levels of stress. Although the specific effect of classical music on dogs remains unknown, the findings from this study suggest that it may, as in humans, have a calming influence. Further work is still required to unravel the specific acoustic elements that dogs respond to.”

In another study conducted by Dr. Charles Snowden and musician David Teie, they discovered that longer notes tend to be calming, while staccato, or short, repeated notes tend to be more stimulating. They also found out that pure tones and regular rhythms are associated with positive states of emotion, harsh, noisy ones & irregular rhythms with negative emotional states. Finally, tempo, or the speed of the music, affects the dog as well, with tempoes matching an animal’s resting heart rate being calming.

So this all does seem to suggest that music can indeed tame the wild beast, if it is the kind of stimulating music that can calm us. So next time your dog is acting agitated, it might be a good idea to turn off the Megadeth and find some Henryk Gorecki music on your playlist. It might be just the thing to get Fido, and you into a more relaxed state.

Does your dog ever “sing along” to stimulating music?

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