Here’s The Story Of The Dog Who Waits On A Corner And Offers Strangers Energetic Hugs

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Dog Who Waits On A Corner And Offers Strangers Hugs

In New York City, the people have a reputation for being tough and unkind. Although this is not always true, some New Yorkers are very nice people, it almost certainly comes from the fact that life is so busy there and there are so many people. With hundreds of people in your way as you try to get to work, you try to remain cheerful and friendly with every one of them.

Because it’s a fact that New Yorkers are stressed, Louboutina, or Loubie for short, has made it her mission to bring some joy back into the lives of the world’s busiest people. The 5-year-old golden retriever has made it her sole purpose in life to offer adorable doggie hugs to anyone who wants one.

The beautiful canine is named after the French fashion designer, Chrisitan Louboutin, and based on her love of life, it seems to fit. While she has a unique name, it is how she spends her time that is most noteworthy.

It is common to see Loubie standing upright on the streets of New York in her bright red harness, eager to embrace anyone she can!

See more of Loubie below and read about this amazing dog!

Loubie lives with her owner, Cesar, a Spanish language translator at a local hospital, in the popular Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

The dog’s obvious affection began when she started holding out her hand to Cesar. She was a little old to learn such a new trick as she started doing it when she was about three and a half years old.

But quickly the dog’s hand-shake trick morphed into a full fledge hug!

The dog is so friendly that whenever she is out in public, she approaches everyone she can and offers free hugs. And most people are more than eager to receive one – especially since the dog’s love is a remedy for stress. went on a walk with Cesar and Loubie. It was a sunny Saturday morning and as per usual, Loubie made a bunch of new friends. She just seems to attract love and cuddles from New Yorkers.

Although New Yorkers are perpetually in a hurry, seeing the dog eager to give a hug has the power to stop them in their tracks and appreciate the little things in life again. As you can see, the dog lifts herself up on her haunches and eagerly offers her love to every passer-by.

The dog even offers kisses to her canine companions. No matter who they are, Loubie loves them. Her love and generosity of spirit knowns no bounds.

If you have a visit to New York City planned or live in the city, hang out on the corner of 17th St and 5th Avenue for a little while – you’ll probably run into Loubie and get big dog hugs!

“Every single walk I have to dedicate time” for the dog’s hugging hobby, said Louboutina’s owner, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez.

Or course, Loubie has her own Instagram page. Hundreds follow her movements so they can zero in for a hug.

“A lot of people say she’s made their day,” Fernandez-Chavez, 45, said. “Like, if they had a bad day at work, maybe that’s just what they needed.”

Would you receive a hug from Louboutina?


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