She Opens Her Home To Dying Dog. Weeks After Rehabilitation He’s Unrecognizable

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She Opens Her Home To Dying Dog. Weeks After Rehabilitation He’s Unrecognizable

When Valia Orfanidou came into contact with the stray dying dog, Billy, she knew he didn’t have much time left on earth. He had been so badly neglected, you could see his ribs through his skin. His fur had all but disappeared and he was famished. With any luck, he would simply have a peaceful death. And that’s what Orfanidou hoped for him when she opened her home to Billy. She wanted to give him a place to die where his last days would be happy and carefree.

Orfanidou runs a pet rescue and fostering organization called “The Orphan Pet”. Her amazing work has helped countless animals that had been abandoned by cruel owners. And although she falls in love with everyone animal that comes into her organization, she knows that the best thing she can do to help them live is to let them go and help them be adopted into loving forever homes. But Billy was an exception. He was too sick to survive…

When Orfanidou met Billy, she started to rehabilitate him. She prayed his health would improve so he could be adopted.

“Fostering is about letting go. It’s about preparing the dog for his forever home.” says Orfanidou.

During his rehabilitation, Billy fell in love with Orfanidou. Why? Because she proved herself to him. For a dying dog that had known only abuse and hatred, her love was enough to give him hope for a better future.

Although everyone thought Billy would die, his love for Orfanidou spurned him on. And he started to make a recovery.

“Dogs have an amazing capacity to live in the present,” said Orfanidou.

In the video below, you’ll see the amazing journey of Billy. And if you’re like many of the 3.3 million viewers, his story will touch your heart. Here are some popular comments:

“Miracles still happen, Billy is living proof. God richly bless all who made his rescue, rehabilitation and wonderful life possible,” wrote John Hancock.

“These creatures are a gift that we should all learn to cherish in life, yet we fail them far too many times in life. What a cruel world we live in, what have we become that we have forgotten to cherish and protect these precious gift that come along in life. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story,” wrote a San Diego viewer.

Angela Gracia wrote, “I Thank God for sending you all to help his beautiful creations. I just cannot understand why some things don’t have feelings and hurt them. I refer to them as things because they don’t deserve to be called humans. God is great and Billy is a living miracle. Thank you everyone for helping and loving Billy. God is good.”

“What gets me is that this doesn’t happen in a day. Many people witnessed this poor dog getting thinner and thinner. People knew this dog was hungry and homeless. Yet, no one did anything. Most people are nothing more but walking, talking , selfish blobs. One day, may we all get what we truly deserve!” wrote Samantha Houston.

What do you feel when you watch dying dog Billy’s story?

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