Glue on dog’s skin became a second skin in time and as thick as the cement.

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Glue on dog's skin became a second skin in time and as thick as the cement.

When Pascal the puppy was first found, no one thought he would survive. His body was covered in glue and it had hardened to the point of no return. The stray had become so stiff from the industrial quality glue that he was practically a living dog statue.

After someone had dragged him through the mud with the glue on his fur, the rescue group He’Art of Rescue found the dog. Now the Istanbul-based rescue organization has gone above and beyond in helping the puppy thrive. Since he was picked up, Pascal has found a new home. And they love him so much…

The image of Pascal horrified animal lovers across the world. He was first found in November. He was so stiff from the glue and was left in a box to die.

The rescue group admitted that the glue had been on him for so long that it had “became a second skin in time and as thick as the cement, preventing blood flow to several points in his body.”

When he was first brought into the rescue room, Pascal scampered into a corner and stared at his rescuers with mistrust and dread. They reported at the time that Pascal the puppy was a “broken” soul.

Although he did not trust the staff, they needed to get to work fast. As soon as they could, they shaved off Pascal’s fur. This helped remove the sticky glue that had formed onto his fur like cement. It had made life impossible for the dog. And now that he was shaved, life instantly became easier for him. But Pascal was not ready to trust his rescuers yet.

He needed time. He had been mistreated by a sinful person and left to die. But as the rescuers introduced Pascal to other dogs and got him socializing, he opened up. Soon enough, his tough and gruff exterior melted away and the lovable Pascal that you see below emerged.

Although the puppy had been “fixed”, he was still lonely. In March, the rescue group posted updated pictures of Pascal on their social media sites. Now that he had grown back his fur and was unrecognizable, many people contacted He’Art of Rescue asking to adopt him.

Now he has a new mom and dog friend and lives with them on the coast of Spain.

“HAPPY TIMES AFTER EVERYTHING HE WENT THROUGH FINALLY !!! PASCAL is spending the week-end with his family in Spain by the beach! Breathtaking view!” wrote the group.

What do you think about the before and after photos of Pascal? To think that he had been covered in a cement-like glue is a terrible fate for any dog. But for a puppy? This is horrible.

Many people are sharing thoughts on social media because they are so upset about it. People are demanding that the person or persons who did this to Pascal be brought to justice.

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