Gorilla Brothers Who Were Separated From Each Other 3-Years-Ago Are Finally Reunited

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Gorilla Brothers Who Were Separated From Each Other 3-Years-Ago Are Finally Reunited

If you’re separated from a loved one, it hurts to miss them. But for military families who must endure months of separation when their family member is on a tour of duty, life is very difficult. Long separations from family can be straining on relationships and can be a very sad thing. And that truth is just as real for members of the animal kingdom. As you’ll see in this emotionally intense video below, two gorilla brothers reunited after years of separation – and you can see the joy light up their faces…

Because gorilla brothers Kesho and Alf have been living in separate zoos, they did not see the other one’s eyes for three years. They were both born at the Dublin Zoo and are four years old. Kesho, the silverback, is the oldest of the two brothers.

He was shipped off to the London Zoo so the zookeepers could exploit his genetics and breed him with the females there. Although he had his pick of the female gorillas, Kesho grew bored of the London Zoo and missed spending time with his smaller brother Alf.

After years apart, it was time for Alf and Kesho to reunited. Although it was expected they would be friendly, zookeepers could not be sure. Would they remember each other? Would they show love or anger after their separation which was almost as long as they had been alive?

The time drew near for the gorilla brothers to be reunited at the Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. As the zookeepers braced themselves for a WWE smackdown style moment, they quickly realized that they didn’t have to worry after all. The brotherly bond between Kesho and Alf had not been lost after all these years.

In the video below from ODN, you’ll get to see the moment the two gorilla brothers met.

As soon as the gorillas were allowed to meet, they showed instant recognition. They gripped each other in a bear hug and enjoyed the company of their long-lost brother.

Gorillas share 97 percent of the human DNA. That means they are very similar to us and share many emotions and other characteristics that were previously thought to be for humans only. As it seems, humans are not as different as we would like to believe.

Nearly 3 million people have watched the video report from ABC News. And because it was very popular, hundreds of people commented. Here are the highest ranked ones:

“Gorillas are too intelligent to be in zoos, they should live in their natural habitat without poaching.”

“They share 97% of our DNA yet we keep them in cages for our amusement. Awesome,” shared one viewer.

Viewers from ODN shared their thoughts too, including:

“Gorillas can identify each other by the shapes of their noses”


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