Unexpected Surprise When Saving An Homeless Injured Dog

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Unexpected Surprise When Saving An Homeless Injured Dog

When animal rescue workers received a call from a concerned citizen, they knew they had to leap into action. If they delayed for even a minute, this dog, which was reported injured, could get hit by a car or worse. After arriving on the scene, they realized that the reports had been correct – the dog was injured, badly, and was hiding in the bush.

Because the injured dog was afraid of the Los Angeles-based rescue workers from Hope For Paws, she would not be easy to save. And hiding in the bush only made their task more difficult. On this day in September, it was Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli who went out into the field to rescue this injured dog -and they took the video camera along with them.

What they captured on camera really surprised them, although they’ve dealt with hundreds of strays. This one was different…

Because this dog lived a nocturnal life, the rescuers needed to wait until nightfall to find her. And out of all the places she could hide, she made her den in the bushes near a busy road.

Someone had told us they thought she lived in these bushes,” the captioned commentary stated in the video below.

After just minutes of searching the green shrubbery, the rescue workers found the pit bull terrier hiding from them. She was clearly injured and terrified that they were trying to hurt her – but they just wanted to help.

Her makeshift home was depressing. There was no comfort within that brush. But then they saw a shocking sight…

They soon discovered that the injured dog, which they’d later name Iris, had given birth to her puppies. Now they needed to extract the newborns along with their mother. It was not going to be easy and this dog was afraid.

The moment shocked the rescuers.

“I see babies,” Chiarelli told Hagar. “There’re three puppies.”

Later Hagar added a post about the rescue to the Hope For Paws website that read: “Many times when you watch my videos, it may seem like I just go to the rescue location and find the dog, but this is actually not true. The search for the dogs is a challenging part of it because they usually hide,” he added. “Finding Iris was difficult, but it could have been dangerous. We didn’t know how she would react when we entered her den.”

“There is always a risk when going to these rough neighborhoods in the middle of the night,” Hagar concluded.

Watch the rescue video below. It is heartbreaking but has a happy ending. And not only does Iris and her puppies get rescued, but later Hope For Paws uploaded a follow up video to show that they were happy and healthy months later.

Check out the video below to watch how difficult this dog rescue was. But also how rewarding.

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