Mom Asks Her Dogs Who Made The Mess. Watch The White Dog’s Reaction

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Mom Asks Her Dogs Who Made The Mess. Watch The White Dog’s Reaction

When a dog is caught destroying something in your home or making a mess, they may react in a number of ways.

Some look truly sad about making their owner upset, while others may be oblivious about what they’ve even done.

In the case of this dog, however, he clearly knows how to get out of any sticky situation by denying any wrong-doing and snitching on the other dog in the home!

In this video making the rounds, the owner questions her dogs about who is responsible for making a mess on the kitchen floor. Notice the Samoyed’s response. He’s quick to point to the Golden Retriever as the culprit.

The owner is heard asking “Which one of you made the mess?” in Mandarin. The Samoyed lifts his paw and points at his fellow dog, seeming to “speak” and totally rat out his pal.

The owner follows up by asking, “Was it him?”

The Golden Retriever refuses to make eye contact. The owner asks him directly: “He said it was you.” Aw. He looks really sad about the whole incident.

“Was it really him?,” the owner asks again of the Samoyed. She gets the same response, as the dog points to the Retriever, who still looks away. The owner notes, “Your eyes give you away.”


Commenters at the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story weighed in on the situation, with one noting: “The GR definitively did it but that Samoyed boy looks too happy snitching,” while another added, “Haha cute video…I love dogs and the goldy does look guilty.”

Other pet owners are all too familiar with this scene, with one commenting: “They’re so precious, I love dogs, I can never stay angry at mine. If they mess up, I clean it up and give them hugs because they already know they did wrong so no point in chastising them after the fact.”

Still another explained: “That is nothing more than a submissive gesture by the dog understanding the tone of the question. The other dog is also showing a submissive gesture to the questions via tone. The biggest question is why the reaction how are those animals treated when not being filmed.”

One person thought perhaps the Samoyed should watch his back, commenting: “Snitches get stitches.” And another believes this to be true: “There is no honor among dogs. They will rat each other out as fast as they can. But they’re just so dang lovable.”

People were all around entertained by the video, with another commenting: “How adorably cute are these two dogs! So funny the dog snitching on the other lol. The owner sounds like she loves her pets, and they look well taken care of. I love to see animals taken care of and treated like children because they are like little children. Sweet video.”

And others had their own theories about who actually made the mess, with one noting: “Watching the way the Samoyed reacted every time his owner spoke, I do wonder if it was the Samoyed who did the deed, helped by the other dog. It was a very entertaining video which I enjoyed very much.”

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