Ostriches Get Into Vicious Fight, Then Elephant Comes To Break It Up

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Ostriches Get Into Vicious Fight, Then Elephant Comes To Break It Up

Elephants are normally thought of as calm creatures and they are often associated with wisdom or altruism. Ganesh is the elephant associated with yoga and Buddhism which is typically known as the teaching of calm and spiritual insight. So, naturally, we think of elephants as being a kind and good-natured mammal, but a new video is suggesting that we definitely should not consider them to be pushovers.

In a video captured by some safari-goers, two ostriches are seen fighting with one another and the battle is pretty heated. While ostriches typically spend their time in pairs, that doesn’t mean that the pairs always get along with one another and much in the same way that humans are when they spend too much time with each other, ostriches can get into heated battles.

The start of the video focuses on an elephant who is enjoying a nice stroll through the grassy land and you can hear the onlookers comment on the massive size of the elephant. He is just going about his business, appearing calm and together, with a wagging tail and a swaying trunk.  And then, the elephant appears to see something in the distance.  The camera follows his view and catches onto two ostriches who are fighting in the background. At first, it looks as if they are dancing with one another as they are flush with one another and moving side to side, but upon closer inspection, the ostriches are taking place in a heated battle and the elephant’s interest is piqued and he starts to walk closer to them. The ostriches are bumping their feathery chests up against one another and getting more aggressive by the second. You can see their feathers flared up as they use their feet to kick each other and neither one of them seems to be interested in relenting any time soon.

The videographer questions whether they are fighting or playing but it’s evident this is no child’s play and these two are in it to win it. And then, after a few good kicks, one starts running away and the other chases behind, not ready to give in. This is when the elephant feels the need to step in and promote peace in his environment. The elephant starts to pick up speed and chase after the ostriches but he doesn’t have intentions of going too far, and instead, he lets out a loud roar and smacks his trunk to the ground, in an attempt to get the ostriches to stop their fighting. Evidently, the elephant is a peaceful creature and he has no patience for controversy in his kingdom. After he lectures the ostriches, he backs up to his original spot and within seconds the ostriches have quit their rat race and have slowed to a walk.

At the end of the video, you can see the elephant still looking in the direction of the ostriches as if he is daring them to start up their battle again.

The timing was right for the videographer and he got to capture an interesting moment on film.

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