The Proper Technique For Digging Holes – A Course For Dogs

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Many dogs love digging holes. Some breeds, like terriers, are more likely to dig than others. But any dog can develop a digging habit. Dogs who dig for fun usually adopt a playful posture and alternate between digging and running around. Sandy surfaces often trigger bouts of digging. If your dog digs for entertainment, you’ll probably see holes located randomly around the area.

The Proper Technique For Digging Holes

For most dogs, digging holes in the ground is an invigorating activity. But this can be hard task if a canine doesn’t know how to dig properly. This was a reality for one small puppy named Honey. Luckily, her special friendship with an older dog had its advantages.

In the video below, posted on April 14, 2017, a large dog named Milo is spotted playing in the sand. His owners hits record on the camera as he begins to dig through the beach landscape.

Behind him is his pal, Honey. She wants to be like Milo and starts pounding at the sand when she really means to dig through the grains.

Milo continues to expand his excavation site while Honey struggles in the background. Then, Milo realizes the little puppy needs help.

She slides under him as he digs and watches his technique. She suddenly flees when sand flies into her face due to Milo’s extreme method. The big dog realizes Honey is having a hard time and scoops a big pile of sand back, basically inviting her to join him.

She finally walks around to the other side of the hole and places her puppy paws into the sand with milo. Together, they scoop and remove a good amount of sand and learn to dig as a team!

To see Milo teach Honey how about digging holes, check out the adorable video below.

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Dogs often dig and circle to make a comfortable bed. If a dog is especially hot or cold, she may dig to find a warmer or cooler place to rest. Holes are often strategically located in cool or warm areas, such as in the shade, underneath bushes or outdoor furniture.

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