They Are Reviewing Camera Footage And Spot Looming Creature No One Can Identify

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A Creature No One Can Identify

Cameras offer a great deal of help when it comes to solving issues where we would otherwise be stumped and not able to witness the here and now of the situation. They are known for helping law enforcement officials when solving cases, and quite recently they have been used heavily in detecting a good childcare provider from a bad one. Think of all those nannies who have been caught on film being abusive to innocent little ones. Cameras are also good for capturing moments that we want to hold onto forever…like weddings, birthday parties, speaking engagements, retirements. You name it…camera are used for everything. Which can be good and bad, because sometimes you just don’t want to be caught on film. And other times, something that is caught on film can leave you up all night trying to solve a problem. Some things are best unseen.

With the upswing of newly developing technology, cameras have become much more frequent and can be found nearly everywhere…on phones, security systems, helmets, and even dashboards. Oftentimes, you don’t even know they are there because they are so small and hidden.

But, here’s the thing…when mysteries are caught on camera, sometimes it leads to frustration as we can’t quite figure out what the mystery creature is. For six seconds only, a trail camera captured a furry creature roaming in the wilderness, but it’s very difficult to decipher what this creature is. We know that it has a long tail and is about the size of a raccoon, but that’s about all we know.

Its eyes are glowing in the darkness, making it appear as if it’s some type of monster. The fact that it appears to be lurking in the wilderness, instead of simply walking, doesn’t help the creepy factor. The scary moment is also escalated due to the background of broken tree branches and black and white footage. That doesn’t really help matters.

This isn’t the first time that a video like this has gone viral. As there have been several other mystery sightings that have been captured on film. Some of these include, Big Foot, the loch ness monster and alien life forms. Oh and let’s not forget Unidentified Foreign Objects (UFO’s). And while we can ponder and make assumptions about what these creatures really are, will we ever know the entire truth?

Some guess that this unusual furry critter is a cat, but with a long pointy tail like that, it is highly unlikely. Not to mention the shape of his body and his pointy snout appears to be more like a raccoon or a fox. He is also much lower to the ground than a cat would be, so we can rule out this little guy being a member of the feline family. We’d have to determine exactly where his big moment on camera was filmed in order to narrow down his species. He most likely matches up with one of the popular species in that type of wooded area, unless he is a result of the breeding of two different species.

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