She Tells Tired Boxer To Go To Bed, But Dog’s Reaction Is Hilarious

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She Tells Tired Boxer To Go To Bed, But Dog’s Reaction Is Hilarious

If you’ve ever had kids, you know that they eventually try to argue with them over their bedtimes. They figure they know what’s best for them and know what time they should be going to sleep. But you’re the adult, and are looking out for their best interest. And the evidence is conclusive, sleep helps people be more successful, happier, and less stressed.

But children are not the only ones who argue about their bedtime. As this video proves, animals, and especially dogs, are all too eager to stay up late with their owners. Like the puppy who refused to go into his crate, this tired boxer has gotten in the routine of arguing with his owner over bedtime every night.

At first Roxanne Miller was upset that her tired boxer didn’t want to go to bed. But after realizing he was going to do this every night no matter what she did, she figured she capitalized on it. She took out her camera and filmed this hilarious moment and put it on the internet. Now we can all laugh along with her as her boxer argues over bedtime. Check this out!

When the video starts, we see the red-eyed boxer standing on the carpet in front of the television. Then Roxanne asks, “Are you tired?”

The boxer, turns his head, and then just stands their silently, refusing to comply.

“Why don’t you just go to bed?” his owner asks.

But this boxer doesn’t like going to sleep alone. As Roxanne wrote in the original video description: “He goes through this routine every night – the more tired he is, the more red his eyes are …. He doesn’t like to go to bed alone, he thinks I need to be there, so he can lay his head on my feet …. I’ve owned three boxers – this one is the smartest and most argumentative ….”

No matter what Roxanne does, she cannot convince her boxer to go to bed.

About 15-seconds into the video, he approaches his owner to try to trick her into relenting. But she doesn’t.

“Why don’t you just go to bed? If you’re tired, go to bed.”

The boxer gets vocal. He released a sighing howl and slinks away from Roxanne.

“I’m not ready to go to bed,” Roxanne shoots back.

So, the boxer gets vocal again. He utters a pained growl and he sways from foot to foot. He is clearly agitated that Roxanne isn’t going to bed when he wants to go.

As the tired boxer grows more agitated, he starts barking. Roxanne is forced to reprimand him for being too loud.

“Now, you don’t have to get ugly,” she says. “You don’t have to get ugly. You go lay down.”

The tired boxer sits there with a sad look on his face.

“You can go to bed,” Roxanne says. Then, as if by a miracle, the dog turns and leaves the room to go to the bedroom. “That’s a good pup.”

While upset that he is going to bed alone, his listens to his owner and shows who is really in charge. Meanwhile, Roxanne sits back and enjoys her victory with one more episode of her favorite television program.

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