He Finds Him On The Side Of The Road Alone And Dying. Wait Until You See His Transformation

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He Finds Him On The Side Of The Road Alone And Dying. Wait Until You See His Transformation

If you’re not familiar with Animal Aid United, you simply must know about their stunning and amazing work. They are the group of animal rescuers that saved a dog trapped in a tar pit and rescued a donkey trapped in an underground well — plus a lot more. They are angels here on earth and their mission is to help give unloved animals a second chance at hope. Without people like them, the world would not be as happy of a place.

But this story might be the most heartbreaking yet. I’ll admit that I’m the sentimental type, but I shed a tear or two. And you might as well. Fortunately, these animal rescue workers were able to save the dying dog from the streets of India and turn around his life in months.

Watch his miraculous transformation in the 1-minute video clip included below. Inside Edition reported on this case because it was so horrible. And the transformation from despair to hope so profound. It will touch your heart.

A starving dog collapsed on the hot streets of Udaipur, India ready to die. He had given up hope since he hadn’t eaten anything in days and had a horrible skin condition caused by parasitic mites. He had no one to love him. He had no family, no friends. The other does did not want to be near him because he was sick and infested. He had given up and was ready to die.

Since the dog hadn’t had any positive human interactions throughout his entire life, he was terrified of his rescuers — but was too weak to resist much. He eventually allowed them to take him in. He didn’t care if they hurt him or helped him.

Because of their gentle and loving approach, the Animal Aid United workers eventually won the dog over. He was confused at first. He had never felt the touch of kindness on his broken skin. He had never been near someone who showed him compassion. He had only felt hatred and ridicule throughout his existence. This dog was living in hell…

But the Animal Aid United workers wanted to help. They took the poor animal into their center. He was hooked up to an IV machine and eventually started eating again.

The loving kindness from these compassionate workers did wonders for this dog. He began to trust. He began to open up. And then, as if by magic, he began to love. And seeing that transformation in the video will melt your heart.

In just two months, he made a full recovery with a complete transformation as a result. Now he looks like a totally different dog.

You would never be able to recognize the animal from the hairless mange he was on the streets of India. Now he even loves human companionship. And soon enough he will have a forever home to love him for the rest of his life.

The world needs more caring organizations like this one. Do you agree?

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