He Watches Footage Of Impatient Dog At Home. It’s Worse Than He Imagined

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He Watches Footage Of Dog At Home. It’s Worse Than He Imagined

 Every pet owners wonders what their dog or cat is up to when they leave it at home to go to work. There was even a movie made about it called “The Secret Life of Pets.” Do the animals sit around and sleep? Do they live an adventure without their owners? Or do they sit at home howling and suffering because their best friend has abandoned them to their own devices?

Unfortunately, the dogs in the video clip below seem to spend their alone time howling to a non-existent moon.

While it can tug at your heartstrings to see these lonely dogs begging for friendship – especially if you’re a dog owner yourself – it makes an interesting and cute video to watch. Check out this compilation of howling dogs caught on the spy camera after their owners left them home alone.

Check it out now!

As the video description states on Rumble, “Cameras are rigged at various homes to film these dogs’ behavior when they are left at home alone. The results are just heartbreaking.”

The video is a shorter segment that is part of a British television program. The show’s producers set up hidden cameras to catch what the dogs are doing when the owners have left them alone. And as you’ll see, it will break your heart to see the pain and suffering they must endure. No wonder they are so happy to see their owners at the end of the day…

The first couple, Nancy and Alex, get to see what their young German shepherd, Max, gets up to when they leave him all alone.

Within moments of the owners leaving, Max grabs his leash and pulls it off the wall. When he realizes no one is there to take him for a walk, he begins howling at the window. For the next hour, the dog howls “on and off” as he awaits the return of his beloved owners.

Nancy and Alex start tearing up when they see the pain they are causing their beloved dog.

At the 2-minute mark, another couple, who own a Schnauzer terrier, have never seen what goes on behind closed doors when they leave their pooch alone.

As the show hosts explain, Max howls as hard as he can to call back his owners. And because they always do come back eventually, he thinks his howl has called them home. His unwanted behavior is being inadvertently rewarded.

The dog stands in the middle of the kitchen staring at the closed door. The suffering canine then begins to howl in a high-pitched tone of wailing pain.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” the dog’s female owner says to the television show host. “I know he does howl because we’re told. It’s just sad.” She can’t hold back her tears.

After the dog howls, he jumps on the chair to gaze out of the window. Although the dog is not allowed on the furniture, he needs to get closer to the window to watch his owners’ return.

Please WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to see how dogs react when you’re gone!


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