She Jokingly Tells Friend To Film Her Waving At Bear, Bears Reaction Is Awesome

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She Jokingly Tells Friend To Film Her Waving At Bear, Bears Reaction Is Awesome

 While the video clip here is only eight-seconds long, it shows a priceless moment between a female passenger and a large Kodiak bear. While the young woman waves at the large mammal, it is what the bear does that has every viewer flabbergasted.

All we can say is “Thank GOD!” she got the adorable interaction caught on tape. You’ve got to see what all the hubbub is about and why this video has gone viral millions of times over.

Scroll down and check out this special clip today!

Without a doubt, this video proves that some animals have a sense of humor. While we already know that dogs can feel guilty after doing something naughty, we did not know that bears could be polite to people in passenger cars driving along the road.

This clip will delight you!

In it, the young woman spots a large brown bear seated behind a wire fence on the side of the road. Her and her boyfriend stop the car. Then she reaches out the window, waves, and says, “Bye!”

As a response, the bear lifts up on his haunches and returns the gesture. But this bear doesn’t just lift his paw up in the air, he wags it back and forth in an exact mimic of what the woman just did. Purely amazing!

This bear was filmed at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington state. According to, the bears are trained to wave.

“The Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington, is known for their waving Kodiak bears. The bears have been trained to wave back at visitors but they expect a treat in return. Therefore, the park suggests tossing the bears a piece of wheat bread after they perform their trick.”

Tens of millions have watched and thousands have left comments. Here are some of the best ones:

“I love the little nod the bear does and then waves, it’s like ‘yes, indeed, bye’” wrote Christina G.

“’Yes, yes, I know I’m fabulous! Now please move along!’” joked Adam Fitzpatrick.

“It probably is a retired, circus or Hollywood trained bear, strong possibility given the setting, but declaring it was ‘beaten and whipped for months or years’ to learn how to do tricks is almost certainly false. This isn’t the 19th century; animal trainers have known for decades now that beating animals isn’t very effective.  Positive reinforcement works far, far better,” CognizantCheddar contributed.

“That awkward moment when the bear waves more like a human than you,” user TheNineCorners shared.

“This is one of the first signs that bears will take over the world. First they wave like us. Soon enough they’ll be driving cars and buying timeshares,” Stacci Guma joked.

While this clip is heartwarming and adorable, it is worth mentioning that bears are very dangerous creatures. Just because this one showed some affection, does not mean that you should ever approach a brown bear.


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